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Chasing War | Cady Hammer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cady has done it again! I have been waiting for this book for what actually feel like forever! Chasing War sent me on a roller coaster of feelings. We watch as Grace learns how to be Fae and her new fate in the world. I’m not going to lie, the way she treats Aiden at the end of the book seriously makes me mad because Aiden deserves the entire world. I also feel like he is going to do to do something bad, but I feel that way about every single person. Being a reader has made me lose all trust with characters because someone has to turn their back on you. Another amazing book written by the beautiful Cady Hammer! From the cover to the last page, this series still has me hooked.

Paper Back: $14.99 Kindle: $3.99

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Expect the unexpected when you take your place in Fae society.

When Grace arrives at the House of the Evening, she is instantly thrust into the world of the Fae nobility. As the heir to a throne she didn’t even realize was hers, she has to navigate magical education, complex traditions, and a stepfamily she never asked for. With her new tutor, Talon, and Aiden by her side, Grace steps out into the Upper Realm as Lady of the House of the Evening only to find a war exploding under her gaze led by the House of Darkness. With minimal training and outdated laws keeping her from stepping up for the war effort, she and Aiden must quickly strategize against the invaders while searching in earnest for the remaining six prophecy members. As the war rages on and more pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Grace must make a decision about who to trust and how to lead. 

Cady keeps writing books that become some of my favorites. I haven’t read too many books this year that have kept me wanting to read, but Chasing War is one of them. This was a very good sequel, and I can’t wait to see what happens next! 2021 has been a worse year for me than 2020, and this book was such a great escape from all of the issues and problems I have been facing this past year. I cannot thank Cady enough for giving me a copy of Chasing War and letting me escape for a while. 

I’m always shocked when I remember Cady is still a new author in her frist series because her books are so well written. Her stories send you on the adventure of a lifetime and takes you places that you can only dream of. Chasing War is no expectation.

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