Book Review

New Year. Worse Me.

Happy 2022 everyone! Here’s to another year of me trying my best to do what I want and failing. Great way to think right? Well here’s a worse me because it’s the year of being selfish and reaching my goals. I am trying to finish at least the first draft of my book because I have been working so hard and so long on it! I also really want give more attention to the socials, the podcast, and the blog. I love doing this and I get so caught up with work that I just forget to make time for what I love.

As much I am making goals for myself I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions. I’m a big believer in if you want to work towards something, just up and work towards it. I understand prepping and getting everything together, but waiting for a holiday is dumb in my opinion. I think waiting for a the new year makes the idea build up and then you are let down when you don’t have the results you wanted very quickly.

…Like I said new year worse me. I started is post back in December, and it is February 5th. But I am unemployed so let’s get to work!

Let me know your thoughts!