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My Favorite Halloween Book?

It’s the best time of the year! It’s getting cold out, the leaves are falling, and we are getting into the holiday season!we are so close to our first holiday, Halloween! What better way to get in the spooky spirit than to read a mysterious book? This year, I got a new spooky book from Owlcrate, and it is by far my favorite spooky book! The Bone Houses is crazy good. It has the right amount of adventure, suspense, and scare to make it a great Halloween read! 

The Bone Houses reminds me of The Walking Dead meets The Black Cauldron, but a less gory. From the very first page, there was so much going on! I’m not usually a zombie person, but holy cow, this book had me captivated! I actually lost track of time reading this book! I missed a meal and almost forgot to sleep while reading this book! The book was full of twists and turns, and oh how I loved them! Emily Lloyd-Jones did a beautiful writing this book that actually becomes a movie in your head! I forgot I was even reading at times. This book was just amazing, and I can’t stop praising it! 

This book follows a teenage gravedigger and mapmaker who go a quest to stop the bone houses and find a family. Their weapon? An Axe. How awesome is that? Forget swords, or bows, Ryn single handily defeated these bone houses with an ax! Another thing that I liked about his book was the relationship between the two main characters! The dynamic between Ryn and Ellis is not the same kind of relationship we find in many other books. It was pretty refreshing to see the male in a series rely on the female. I also really appreciate that their love story was not the center of the book. It was not really formed until the end, and it didn’t impact the book too much!

This book is a 10/10! I would suggest it to anyone! It’s not part of a series, so it’s a great standalone to get you in the spooky season! This book never got boring! Plus, it has a beautiful cover! Let me know your thoughts on this book!