Book Review · mystery

The Forgotten book

Not only do I forgot that I own this book, but I forget that I have read this book! All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda is a book that slips my mind when thinking about books that I have read. The book was told backward and had flashbacks, and it was honestly a little bit of a bore to me. I have a hard time remembering any of the little details or who did it at the end. 

I’m not much a mystery book person, but this sounded really good and it was October when I read it so i thought it was the perfect time to read it. The beginning of the book was pretty decent, it quickly went downhill. I lost interest pretty quickly. I feel like the book was kinda repetitive and there was so many flashbacks it got a little confusing. I feel like this book would of been more memorable if it was structured in another way.

When I say it’s a forgotten book, I mean I really can’t remember it. I find it on my shelf and I have to think on whether or not i have read it or not. I almost DNf it so many times but I wanted to know how it was going to end!

Let me know your thoughts!