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For the OGs

I have been working on a special project, and you get to be the first to know about it. If you are reading this, you are most likely following the blog and this post is just for you! I’m not promoting this, I’m not putting any tags or SEO, it’s just for YOU! I have been writing book! I am so excited about this! I have started so many books ever since I was really little so to actually sit down and get writing is so crazy to me! It is going to be a little spooky, but probably not horror or thriller exactly. I’m letting the characters take over and kind of do what they want and form whatever feelings they want. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas! This is a very early unedited, unfinished draft of a chapter.

I come to Ceader Coffee everyday. Everyday is the same, except today. The first time I saw her she was walking into Dave’s. Her hair was like a raven. I watched her as she sat down, and talked among her group. She was beautiful and I knew she was the one. I picked up my camera and zoomed in. I focused in on her and took a picture. There was something about her that I drew me to her, like I’ve seen her before. We make contact and I can’t look away. Someone starts talking to here and she breaks contact. I grab my stuff and head to the park.

It’s funny how the park can be so empty but you can still hear the laughter of all of the kids who play here. I sit on the swing and try to find some inspiration. There has to be something to take a picture of. For class we need to take picture of something ordinary, and make it extraordinary. I look over at the trees, the bark twist and turns, and when you look up the leaves are floating and letting little glimpse of the sun’s rays coming through. I point the camera at an angle to catch the two coming together. I turn around to see what else I can use for class when I see a child playing on the jungle gym. The little girl is laughing and has the biggest smile on her face. It’s so pure I almost forgot that that it was possible for humans to be pure. I watch her for a couple minutes hoping that she will never lose the joy and innocence like the rest of us have. I walk over to the bridge and start taking pictures, the old wood, the metal beams, and the water under it gives me the inspiration I need to finish my project. There are stories surrounding this bridge. All the stories end with someone dying or disappearing at this location. Apparently if you wanted to kill yourself or someone else this was the place to do it. The river could wipe away any fingerprints or blood easily, and it was covered by the trees and land. Maybe one of these days I’ll be one of those names. It’s sound to happen with the amount of times I’ve climbed on the beams.

I stare at the beam and like always I start to climb up. I get to the top and walk further down the bridge when my foot slips. I grab the edge of the beam and pull balance myself again. I lay myself down on the beam and set the camera down in front of me. I tie the camera strap around my hand so it doesn’t fall. This is beautiful, the beam rusted and gray lining he bottom, the blue sky and the fall leaves blending together, the birds flying past, it’s my favorite thing and to capture it on camera was amazing. This is the perfect photo for class. I snap a few shots, put the strap around my neck and sit up. I know I should go home, but being outside gave me peace. The sun was starting to set so I decided to walk downtown to take pictures before all the girls come out for “golden hour”.

I turn the corner at the Shop Rite when I hear them. Ash and his gang of idiots, as usual they are make some kids life hell. I know I should step in, but I really value my life. I also know that that’s the person my dad would want me to be. He wants me to be popular and feared, why I don’t know. What I do is that there is more to life than what Ash is heading towards. He is standing off to the side as his goon squad scares the kids to death. I wonder if I should take a picture, if anything was to happen as least I’d have the proof. I could slip it to the principal or police anonymously and at least he would suffer. I head inside the store and to keep out of his path. I picked up my camera and took the lens off, aim and shoot. I don’t care about the quality. At least I would have the photo if anything was to happen to the kid. I see one of goons, Adam I think, clinch their fist was get ready to punch the kid when his face when blank. He dropped his hands, while the other dropped the kid. They all just started like they saw a ghost. I walk out of the store to see what was going on, but when I walked out Ash and his friends were staring at me.

“Hey! You’re the kid with the camera. Taking picture of us? No one said you could take my picture.” He and his crew were starting to walk my way. “Better hand me that camera before something bad actually happens around here.” Ash looked like a rabid dog. His chocolate curls coming out of place. It was like something that had taken over his body.

“I was just going home. I had to stop by the store to see if they had my dad’s brand of cigarettes in stock.” I was starting to back away slowly. I really didn’t need this today. As Ash and his group got closer I turned and ran. I have never been so grateful for my dad forcing me to run with him. I take a right and left and backtrack to lose them, but they still kept finding me. I knew that if I ran in the direction of Borden road, they would stop. No one went down that street, there was only one house and it was one of the most haunted places in the country. Even ghost hunter teams couldn’t spend much time there. I see the road and take a turn and run partly down the street. Ash halts the second that he sees what I did. We are standing face to face, but he doesn’t take a step towards me.

“You idiot. You’re going to get so much worse standing on that road than we were ever going to give you, at least we would let you live.” He had a smirk on his face. He was right, a lot of people had gone missing on this road. He was looking at me so nothing could happen, right?

“I thought you were so brave picking on everyone at school, why don’t you come and get me?” I said half laughing. I can’t let him know I’m nervous being on Borden street. If he comes I have to run in the house. I know he wouldn’t dare go in there. Death by Ash or Death by house, either way I’m dead.

I can see it in his eyes, hes debating on it. I take a few steps back hoping it will deter him, also so I could have a head start. He coming. I see him take a step to start running. I turn my back and start to go towards the house. I can hear his heavy foot steps behind me and then all of a sudden I hear a crack. When I look back to see if it was Ash, the cracking gets louder.

“Dude move!” I hear him yell. Snap. I look up and I see a branch coming down. I cover my head as if that would save me.

When I open my eyes Ash and his crew were running back down the street and the branch was on the ground behind me. How the hell did that not hit me? I get a chill and decide it’s time I get off of this street. I run as fast as I can until I am a few blocks away from that place. I never want to go there again.

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