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Will Grayson, Tiny Cooper, Will Grayson and Jane Tuner

Will Grayson Will Grayson. Another John Green book, another story I never want to end. I didn’t even know what this book was about. Bad on me, cause I didn’t read the back, but John Green has never done me wrong so in the cart, and to my house it went. AND THIS BOOK DID NOT DISAPPOINT! John Green and David Levithan created a world of characters and a story that gave me so many different feelings and made me laugh out loud. Honestly, it was so much fun having two characters names Will Grayson was so much fun and surprisingly easy to tell them apart.

I loved that even tho there was two Will Graysons, it’s so easy to tell which view we are reading in. First, following Will Grayson #1 you not only has his friends, but he talks about not caring so much it almost seems like he’s just trying to cover up his feelings. While reading from the point of Will Grayson #2, everything is lower case, you can feel him struggling with life and feelings, and honestly, I was worried about this own well-being at some points. The two characters don’t have any many scenes together, but their lives intertwine and maybe even flip at a point. Then we also have Jane Turner, who might be the more relatable character that we meet struggles between two guys and figuring out what will make her happy. Then we meet Tiny Turner. He is probably the most lovable character that I have read in a long time, my word..he makes me laugh so much! These characters have this unique relationship, and it’s so much fun to read their story! So man turns, and nothing happens like you think it will.

This book also has a musical twist to it, which was quite fun. I’ll be honest I wasn’t a big fan of how the songs, but I know many people love it. I’m a big fan of how the screen names and how interacted with each other. I gave the story just another side. Between the singing, talking in the commuter, talking on the phone, and talking in person, sneaking out, the book felt like it could have been something that happened life! I mean I don’t think the musical would ever get approved by any school, but hey, something has to be non-realistic! If you went to a school that had a play like Tiny’s let me know! I think that would be hilarious!

All in all, this is one of my favorite adventures I’ve been on! I would recommend this to more mature readers, there is much explicit language and is a little dark in some places. I don’t say this about too many books, but I would never want this to become a movie! I think that the dark parts might become lighter and the musical will get watered down, and I feel like the characters wouldn’t be themselves.