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Is Orphan Train That Good?

 If you like books that aren’t that along are about the past, live the life of someone who struggled, I have a book for you. The Orphan Train is a full circle book that tells the lives of two people who face many of the same challenges years apart. This book gave me so many feelings. I honestly might have thrown my book at one point because I was mad. Like why kill such good characters?? I saw it coming by doesn’t make it any easier! I loved the characters in this book. We were introduced so many different people, and there were very few that I actually didn’t like…and one that was very creepy. Many people were telling me about this book and how I should read it, so I bought it. I didn’t plan on reading it overnight, but sometimes these things happen! 

This story was like listening to grandparents and great grandparents telling a story. There was so much history that we never really get to learn about! Sadly though, I feel like there was a lot left out of this story. The book its self was pretty short, and some things were missing. I don’t know much about the Orphan Train, but feel like this was water down version of what happened to these kids. With that being said, the book did have some scenes that gave some insight into how bad things were and where that was pretty interesting. The story of Vivian’s life was inspiring and was a good reminder of how much we take for granted. 

All in all, this was a good book. It was a pretty easy ready and I would recommend it to anyone that likes heartwarming books! The author was able to make the pictures in my head and see the people I was reading about. I would give this book about 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn’t a bad book. I wish the book was longer and had more details.

Let me know your thoughts!