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Good book, Bad Series

Let’s talk about one of my favorite series of all time. Red Queen. This series had so much potential, but what the heck happened to the end? This book had so much potential, and I was really hoping for a movie, then I got to the third book, and I was done. A lot of readers even said they gave up on this series, and it was such a letdown! But why? Today we are going to go book by book to figure what happened to this series.

1.            Red Queen

This book was SO GOOD! I don’t want to spoil the best book out of this series in case you want to read it, but I would reread it. The only complaint I really had with this book was that I felt like I had read it before. Parts of it reminded me of Divergent, parts reminded me of Deliurm, and other parts reminded me of the Hunger Games. It had a lot of the same characteristics as the dystopian kind of books, and to be fair, there are a lot of them. There so much going on in this book, and I love the twist and never knowing who to trust!

2.            Glass Sword

Even though a lot of things happened, this was definitely a filler and set up book. We had a reunion for some characters and others we lost. What I did like in this book was that even though they were gathering an army, the villains were still very present, and we saw them win and lose. The newly introduced characters in this book were terrific. There were so many different types of personalities and values in each of them. A lot of books would the background characters similar to each other in the way that they come off to the reader, but most of the characters in this book were so different it was easy to love them! This is probably one of the best sequel books I’ve read. The love triangle I actually like. I switched teams a lot, and that is VERY uncommon for me.

3. Kings cage

This is where I got lost. I don’t know to understand what this book was setting up for. I honestly took a reading hiatus because of this book. It took me forever to finish it! It was kind of repetitive and didn’t actually get good until the middle/towards the end, with a genuinely good twist. This book did have a good fighting scene, but as a whole, this book kind of was a letdown. If you want to more on my thoughts about this book and read King’s Cage Made Me Stop Reading.

4. War Storm


What kind of ending was that? Just honestly, what were they thinking? The whole conflict of the book was ended because a mother didn’t want her daughter to die. What. A mother changing her mind ended a civil war and a war between nations? What? This had too much potential to be good! Maven could have somehow been saved, someone could have been brought back to life, Mare’s dad could have fought, something! We had four books, and that’s how it ended. Then we didn’t even get a good idea of what happened after the war. Mare went back to her family and chose to be with Cal. I wanted so much more, like how they mix sliver and red bloods? How did the new bloods fit in? I just wanted more out of this, I feel like it was rushed and not really thought through.

If you have read this series, let me know what you think! Even though the middles and ending of these books were not the best, I still i might reread them! These books will always have a place in my heart!