I Tried Spotify Audiobooks

Yes, I said that. Spotify has audiobooks! Before you go running over there and start to look them up, let me tell you that it is an adventure! I was thinking one day about how cool it would be if Spotify would have some audiobooks, and what it would look like. So being the curious reader I am, I looked up some books, but of course, only user created playlist came up. I don’t give up quickly, so I googled it, and guys finding the audiobooks is actually a little hard.

You would think that the books would be under podcasts so it would be easier to split up, but no, it’s under music and artist! So here is the easiest way I have found so far to find the audiobooks. To search and type audiobooks and go to all playlist. A TON of playlist will come up, some are the one book, and some are a mix of a few different books.

What I have found is the playlist will have one part of the book in the playlist, and then you have to press view entire album, so see the whole book. It’s a bit of a process, but hopefully, it will grow. Now the big question: What kind of books do they have on there?

There isn’t a large assortment of books on there. Most of the books I have found on there are classics, BUT The Raven Cycle Series is on there as well as The Hunger Games! The set up for it sucks, and each it’s divided into 3 minute segments, but it does not interrupt the reading experience! Sadly, there isn’t a lot of newer books, but there is a TON of classics on there!

If you want to give audiobooks a try, I would highly recommend checking out using Spotify!