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Did Queen of Nothing Live up to all of the Hype?


Series: The Folk of the Air

Author: Holly Black

Genre: Fantasy

*** SPOILERS ***

A Little late to the party, escially since I read this in January, but better late than never right? But seriously. Oh. My. Gosh. This book was so good! The twist, the turns, the everything! If you don’t know if you want to read this series, read it! It is up to the hype and it’s everything that I wanted for this series! I have no words for this book! It’s everything you would want for the end of a series!

Owlcrate edition

Holly did such a fantastic job ending this series! I don’t think that I would want anything different to happen! I read this book, this book so quickly! I need actually needed to pause every once in a while to take in everything that was happening! Fist let’s talk about Cardan, what the heck. I had no idea what he was doing the entire time and the snake! I’m still not over it! The entire series I wanted to like him, I wanted him to be good and finally I got what I was wanting! This guy, my word he was going to be the death of me! He did Jude so dirty, but also gave her the best thing! I just don’t even know how to feel!

Let’s not forget how strong Jude is! Her parents murdered in front of her, taken to a world where she is not welcomed, her family couldn’t be trusted, she was exiled, and she was Queen, this poor girl went though so much! Let’s be honest, she is a very cunning girl, and in the end she got exactly what she wanted and rightly so!

QON is probably the best series end book ever. Yes, I am putting it high than The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. It answers all of the questions, there’s so many twist, and the ending really isn’t that predictable. If you haven’t read it, go read it and then let’s chat about it!