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Winterwood: A Review


Author: Shea Ernshaw

Genre: Young adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal fiction

*Possible Spoilers*

There is finally some snow on the ground, so it’s perfect for staying inside and reading, and this book is excellent! This is young love, spooky forest, death, witches, mystery, snow, camp, everything your heart could want for a winter story! I mean honestly, I don’t know what else I could want from this book! Plus, we get two POVs, which I love!

We follow Nora Walker, a young witch with a bad reputation. When she finds Oliver Huntsman, frozen in the woods, she discovers more about herself and her powers. But can she solve the mystery that surrounds Oliver, what happened the camp across the lake?

Guys, this is such a great book! I love that while reading the book, you see Nora’s family tree and the witches that came before her. It helped me connect with her and her world of magic. Also, the world building in this book is spot on! I personally feel like standalone books lack some of the world building that series have. Holy moly though, this I read this book quite a while ago, and I can still see the world perfectly; the lake, the woods, the moth, the spoon in the forest, the trees coming alive, the ice breaking, it was done so well!

Okay, someone talk to me about all the twist in the end! I didn’t see it all happening! Like what the heck! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but read this book! It has one of my all time favorite endings. Even if you aren’t into witches and magic, I think you will thoroughly still enjoy this book and everything it has to offer! Definitely on my must read list!

Let me know your thoughts!