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Three Dark Crowns


Author: Kendare Blake

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, High fantasy

Well, okay, Kendare, that first book hit me. I won’t like it took me a little bit to get the characters and locations straight, but omg what a first book! READ THIS BOOK! Like now! I know I’m a little late to this series, but I’m sucked in. It reminds me of the Reputation album by Taylor Swift! Snakes, darkness, magic, anger, love, and revenge! I love the book!

We follow three girls who are triplets as they get ready to battle and kill each other to be queen, like how dark is that? But I love it! These girls were operated at a young age so that they wouldn’t have a connection with each other. This book is full of magic and mischief, and all things dark. I love that all the girls are at different stages of their powers and life. The way that different parts of their lives intertwine was so much fun!

This book felt a lot like a prequel for the rest of the series. There was a lot of character introduction and setting up for the girls to fight. We also get introduced to some love triangles and betrayals, which I’m excited for I’m really excited about the squeal and to see how it plays out!

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