Unboxing: Owlcrate February 2020

I loved this months box! A great theme, cool bookish things, and a new book! I don’t know why everyone doesn’t get their boxes!

This month is month we had some awesome stuff starting off with two metal bookmarks made by Hey Atlas Creative! They were inspired by Truthwitch and they are so cool! They aren’t really stiff like a lot of metal bookmarks which I’m very excited about!

One of my favorite things in the box was inspired by Wicked Saints and was made by Nicole Deal and Leaf and Lore! This screen cleaning cloth is so perfect and beautiful! I’m always in need of these for my phone and I’m freaking out about having one that reflects my favorite book (at the moment)!

I know there are A LOT of Throne of Glass fans out there, and we got a pretty sweet looking deck of cards inspired by the series! These are so beautiful and are designed by Jo Painter, Salome Totladze, Diana Dworak, Jana Runneek and Michelle Gray!

There was also a pretty sweet key chain inspired inspired the The Magicians! I used to collect key chains growing up so my inner child was freaking about this,m and Blooming Library did a fantastic job on this!

We also got this super cool Bento Box that Team Owlcrate made! Like this is pretty cool ans they used Scadrial’s Steel Alphabet to spell owlcrate on the top so way to go Team Owlcrate!

The monthly pin is gorgeous and was designed by the wonderful That’s Lovely Dear which was inspired by out book of the month- All the Stars and Teeth! This book is so beautiful and was signed by the author! I’m excited to jump onto this book! Also we got a sneak peak booklet of Chain of Gold so that’s awesome!

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