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How I Got Started Reading

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

― J.K Rowling

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Books are a such an amazing way to escape out of this world and into another world. You can go anywhere in the world and really be whoever you want to be. There is so much books can do you your soul and mental health and even if you hate reading, there is a book out there that you will love.

In school, I always loved the days when we got to go to the library, but I hardly ever really read the books. I read very short kids books like Flat Stanley, but I never read books One day, a friend of mine, let’s call her Nicole, told me that I reminded of Percy Jackson and told me to read the book. She loaned me me the book and I really loved it. I don’t remember if I finished it, but it was the first book I really read. After I returned the book to Nicole, I really didn’t read to much again until high school.

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During my freshman year of high school, our English teacher decided we ere going to have book club during class time. She gave us the list of books that we were going to read, and said we will dividing into groups and each group will read one of the books. One of the books that were an option was The Hunger Games. Nicole had talked about how good the book was so I knew I needed to be in that group. Thankfully, I had a teacher that let us tell her what book we wanted to read. She couldn’t guarantee that we would get the book we wanted, but if we wrote her a note with the reason why you wanted to read a certain book, she would see what she could do. I don’t remember what I wrote in the note, but I got to read The Hunger Games! I fell in love this this book, then I fell in love with the series and I haven’t stopped reading since.

This was about 2010, so it’s been ten years since I fell in love with reading and I couldn’t be happier with my books! Here’s to another 10 years!

Let me know how you started reading down below!

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  1. I always love hearing how people got into reading. I don’t have a fun story, because I honestly can’t remember NOT reading. I remember reading books really young, but I don’t know when I learned to read, the first book I read, or any of that. LOL


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