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10 of The Best Fictional Grandmothers | Celebrating My Grandma

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Today is my grandma’s birthday! I love my grandma more than most things in this world and I’m so sad I cant see her today due to the Coronavirus! To celebrate her birthday, I want to look at some of the best fictional Grandmas out there!

Fai Zhang aka Grandma Zhang

From the Heros of Olympus, we have one of the most protective grandmas out there! She knew what the future held for young Frank, and she still did everything she could so he could be like everyone else. Although we didn’t get to see much of her, but the flashbacks and the stories Frank has made me love this strong grandma! It’s funny to have a character so involved with a story, but not being present. Yet isn’t that how a lot of grandmas tend to be? 

Gramma Tala

I’m not the biggest fan of Moana, but I love her grandma! The love and support that Gramma Tala gives Moana throughout the movie was so pure and amazing. It reminded me of the love that my grandma has for me. She did her own thing, not really caring about what other people would say about her. We needed more of her in the movie!

Queen Clarisse Rinaldi

Hands down one of my favorite fictional grandma. She is regal, strong, independent, wise, funny, and she is ruling an entire country by herself. This sassy grandma is on this list because she did what was best for her granddaughter. She let her mother raise for as long as she could, but when it came to needing Mia to know who she is, she stepped in. Their relationship is so much fun and supportive. While Clarisse tries to tell Mia how a princess/queen should act, she also supports Mia in all the decisions she makes. If you haven’t seen/read The Princess Diaries, why? Go watch it! 

Emily Gilmore

You could say she is awful, but she has good intentions. Emily may be a little bit controlling, but she wants the best for her family. It is up to debate whether or not she really deserves to be on this list, but really she hasn’t done nothing that wrong. As over-baring, as she may be, she doesn’t want Rory to make the same mistakes that Lorelai made, and she wants Lorelai to have the best for herself. These Gilmore women are strong headed, but when Emily sees the thing that makes her family happy, she will support it.

Grandma Annie

The Proposal is a comedy, and in my opinion, that is in great thanks to Grandma Annie! She represents all of the fun and crazy grandmas out there! Heck, she fakes a heart attack just to get her grandson and his fiance to reunite before she dies. If that does not love and support, I don’t know what it is! We also can not forget the baby-making blanket that she gives the couple as well! If you have never seen this movie, go watch it. You will laugh your sweat pants off. 

Anabel Lerolan

Coming off the pages of the Red Queen series, we have Cal and Maven’s grandmother. Anabel is fierce, independent, and so strong! While she is a little deceiving, she does fight (quite literally) for what she thinks is best for her family and country. She doesn’t get a ton of time in the books, she was a character that I still can’t figure out my feelings for! 


I can’t remember if we ever got Nana’s name in Caraval, but without her, we may have never gotten the story. So why is Nana on my list? She was a great storyteller. She would tell stories of the Legend and Caraval that Scarlett wrote letters to Legend, begging and pleading to a chance to go on an adventure of a lifetime! Grandmas always has the best stories, and I don’t know about you guys, but I love listening to my grandma when she talks about her life! 

Diane Decker

Another great granny for our list! She is a grandmother our of Parental Guidance, go watch it! Even when her grandchildren may not be the best at something, she will be there number one fan. And don’t even think about treating her grandbabies with any kind of disrespect. Like every grandma, she wants to see her grandchildren be the very best they can be. All she really wants to spend time with the kids and for them to like her, and I mean, who can blame her? 

Camille Braverman

Honestly, would we really be able to talk about grandmas and not be able to bring up Parenthood? Camille is a treasure, and I wholeheartedly believe that no matter who your grandma is, you will see her in Camille! Such is sassy, loving, supporting, protective, and everything you could really want in a grandma. She keeps the family together and calms everyone down when she needs to. From letting her daughter and grandkids live in with them to fight for what’s right, Camille is one amazing grandma! 

Marie Feodorovna Romanov: The Dowager Empress

If she’s not a good grandmother, then I don’t know who is. Okay, she’s not a made-up person, but she was not present the night that Romanovs were searched for or killed, and the movie is missing many facts in general. So for all purposes of this list, let’s pretend. In the 1997 movie Anastasia, The Dowager Empress gave a gift to little Anastasia, which included their song and calling it their little secret. This reminds me so much of a grandma. When people came in to attack and kill the family, she took her granddaughter and tried to get her to safety, and when she lost her, she never stopped looking. In fact, she met with every girl claiming to be her long lost granddaughter until she found her family. That’s what lands her on our list, a grandmother’s love can’t be compared. 

I loved doing this post and looking at some of my favorite grandmothers. I wish I could be with my grandma on this special day, but this post and a call will have to do. Happy Birthday, Grandma, I love you!

Who are some of your favorite fictional Grandmas?

Let me know your thoughts!