Ceaderwood · thriller

Chase Stout

Chase may just be my favorite character in the book! He has not had an easy life and has a pretty dark side. He keeps to himself and has some skeletons in his closet that I don’t even know about. When I started writing, Chase was the villain and was very dark. As the story went on I wanted more for him. He is the only character that I know the ending for, which is exciting and scary. I really hope you all love Chase as much as I do. Chase has the most secrets reeled throughout the story.

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Chase’s mother passed away when he was little, and he has very little memory of her. After her death, his after drowned his sorrows in alcohol and wasn’t around much. He became physical with the kids, which put even more distance between chase and his father. His older sister had to grow up quickly and earned a full-ride scholarship to college. The plan was for her to get Chase and his brother out of the house and have a better life. That changed when she became pregnant and had to drop lost the scholarship. Chase’s brother Luke is now the star of the family and the only hope to make their father happy. Chase doesn’t know who he yet, and tries to find himself while trying to make friends. He is naturally a loner and is okay with that. He never felt the need to form relationships with people.

Chase is a loner and doesn’t talk to his classmates too much. He holds everything that happens inside. His escape is drawing, but when Molly and Drew move to town, Chase realizes more to his drawings than he knew. Molly looks like the girl in his drawings, but he doesn’t understand how that could have happened. When the voices in his head start, Chase starts to lose control of his life.

This or That

Dog or Cat? Dog

Netflix or YouTube? Youtube

Phone Call or Text? text

Toast or Eggs? toast

Cardio or Weights? how about no

Facebook or Twitter? facebook

Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? Ice Cream

Mobile Games or Console Games? neither

Music or Podcasts? music

iOS or Android? ios

High-tech or Low-tech? low

Big Party or Small Gathering? neither honestly

New Clothes or New Phone? clothes

Rich Friend or Loyal Friend? if i need them loyal

Work Hard or Play Hard? work

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