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Meet Molly

Meet Molly! I am so excited to introduce the first character of Ceaderwood! Molly is one of the characters that we will get the story through. She didn’t have the most challenging life, but it definitely wasn’t easy. I named her after my pride and joy and the thing that keeps me alive, my feline friend Molly Moo. Also, after Molly Weasley, because she’s an amazing woman. Molly had to grow up quickly. Molly and her twin, Drew, don’t know who their father was, but their uncle has always had their back. Molly’s mother is not the most stable person, but she tries. When her mother gets heartbroken, she packs everything up and moves. Molly’s only real friend growing up was her twin and her annoying little brother Jack. Her mother and brother don’t get along very well, so Molly tends to be the peacemaker between them. Learning and maintaining a hobby was difficult with moving around so much, so Molly turned to books. She loves the classics like John Steinbeck, Jane Austen, and Ernest Hemingway but has been known to pick up Holly Black as well.

Molly tends to keep to herself, but once you get her out of her shell is more open with people. The only person she really opens up to is her twin, primarily due to her not being able to hide anything from him. She meets Kira and Chase while attending school in Ceaderwood, and they get to her to open up more than anyone outside of her family has ever before. This also makes it hard for Molly to want a relationship. She has it in her mind that she will not be in a place for very long, so she doesn’t want to get close to anyone.

Molly changes throughout the book. She starts off being alone, but she slowly starts to open up and letting people see her. Molly also learns to take charge and become a leader when things plans fall apart. She is the glue of the group and the voice of reason. Out of everyone in the group, she may be the most accepting of everything that they experience.

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Molly’s This or That

Tea or coffee – Tea- but tends to drink more coffee since it helps her focous

Dogs or Cats – would like one of each. A dog to go on adventures with and a cat to cuddle up and read with

Pizza or wings- Pizza for sure

Chinese or Italian- Chinese

Pop or Indie – Indie a thousand times

Pen or Pencil – Pencil

Soup or Sandwich – Soup

Money or Free Time – Time

Toast or Eggs – Toast

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