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Read A Book Faster

Big books are always intimidating, but they can be read pretty fast! We all wish we could read speed read a book, I mean come one could you imagine how many books we could be reading in a month?! I have compiled ten tips I use when I want to read a book faster!

Tip #1 – Pick a realistic number of pages to read per day.

This really helps me read a book faster. This is one of my go to things I do when I read a book! I usually pick a hundred pages. I know if I read a 400 book and keep to the plan, it can finish it in four days. It really helps me read more books because I know exactly how long it will take me to read it.

Tip # 2 – Just read.

Sometimes we get caught up in wanting to finish a book quickly that we don’t read or are in a situation that we feel we can’t read in. Just picking up a book reading it can be the best way to get swallowed into a book.

Tip #3 – Set up your reading area

I am a firm believer that all readers need a reading area. I wrote an article on setting up a reading area; you can check that out here! Reading nooks get you into the mood to read! They are the coziest places to hang out for hours and to sit back and read! It sounds weird that a particular area can make you read faster, but it honestly works! 

Tip #4 – Get your reading drink/snack

You don’t want to stop reading to walk to the kitchen and a drink or snack. You could lose your place or get distracted by something. I suggest getting everything before you sit down. I have a big Brita water I love, and it is perfect for reading! I also will have tea of coffee brewing, so I have that by me as well. I will also make myself popcorn and grab whatever else I want to munch while everything is getting ready. The amount of food I eat while reading is so bad, but it’s nice to have.

Tip #5 – Try to get all of your big stuff out of the way.

If you have a ton of things to do during the day, do all of the big, time-consuming stuff before you read. You will feel so much better about sitting down and reading! You can also do the little things whenever you need a reading break.

You should also check out my favorite apps for reading! These enhance my reading experience so much!

Tip #6 – Hype yourself up for the book.

I do this ALL THE TIME! It’s not always the best idea if there are negative reviews, but at least you know what you are getting into. I do this almost every time I start a book. I read the summary on the back of the book, read the synopsis on goodreads, and then read the book reviews. It honestly gets me so excited to start the book!

Tip #7 – Turn your phone off/silent.

Your phone is so distracting! If you don’t hear it, you may not think about it! If you are a person who does need to look at their phone, try looking after every chapter for ten minutes. It’s so easy to get distracted on your phone and lose precious reading time! If you are reading on your phone, I’d suggest putting your phone on airplane or do not disturb mode!

Tip #8 – Figure out how many days you want to read the book, and stick to it!

This goes along with tip #1. If you want to read your book in a certain number of days, figure out how many pages you will need to read. This goal can be hard to stick to, but I tend to divide my pages into different parts of the day. I will read some when I get home from work, and then right after dinner. I may also read after my shower, depending on how far behind I am. One thing is for sure unless I physically can’t keep my eyes open, I will make sure I will read at least my goal for the day.

Tip #9 – Focus on the story not the time.

When we are too focused on time, or how long it takes us to read a book, we can lose interest in the story. I have found myself skipping sections and paragraphs of books simply because I want to read the book faster! I end up missing things in the book from not paying attention or skipping that it takes me out of the story.

Tip #10 – Keep the book on you!

This is also an excellent way to get out of a book slump! Keep the book on you in case you feel like reading. Even if you only read one page, that’s still one page closer to finishing! No matter where I go in my house I always keep a book on me. Sometimes I pick it up, others I don’t. When you get an urge to read, you don’t have to find your book, it’s merely in reach, and you can read for however long you want and put it back down and do it all over again.

These are my top 10 reading tips for getting through a book faster! Which ones have you done and what are some you have that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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