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Reading Nook Tour

What you need to make a cozy reading area

Nothing is better cuddling up with a good book and reading for hours on end. You may have the same problem that I used to have, not being able to focus sitting in one spot for that long. My solution was to make a place just for reading, with all of the reading essentials. It’s now of my favorite places, and It makes my heart happy! I love my reading nook so much! It’s cute and homey, and it’s still in the process of being decorated, but I thought I’d share it with you all! Maybe you are looking to create a reading nook of your own, and you need inspiration, I’m here to help! Please excuse the photo quality, I currently have alight out and my light sockets take a special bulb and because of the virus I cannot get new bulbs at the moment. I will link everything I use down below!

This page does contain affiliated links. This means if you buy the book listed below I will get a small portion of the profit at no extra cost to you!

The Chair

This chair is perfect for reading! Cuddling up in it is so easy and fun, and it’s portable! I can move my chair anywhere, which makes it even better when I want to read somewhere else! I have two cozy blankets on my chair as well. The first is a white fuzzy blanket I got for Christmas. It’s perfect for when it’s cold, and it’s large enough to really cover you. I also have my blanket from Owlcrate, inspired by The Cruel Prince. I also have my cute little pillow ball, and I will hold it, cuddle it, put my feet on it, anything it’s fantastic! I highly suggest getting yourself a good reading chair, it’s a game changer! 

Blanket: Click here

Chair: Click here

Pillow: Click here


I love this little bookshelf so much! It holds way more than I thought it would, and it’s adorable! I keep my Kindle on it, bookish goodies on it, a picture of me and my cat, a candle, and a few other random things on it as well. On top of it, I have The Hunger Games box set, my Owlcrate Bluetooth speaker, my TV/DVD player, and some string lights to border the top of it. While I am reading, I will either play a reading playlist or some ambient sounds through the TV. I try to have it match the book, so I get even more immersed with the book. This really helps make it even cozier because you set the room to be a rainy day, to have a fireplace, to be in the common room of your Harry Potter house, or where ever your book takes place. It’s really calming and pretty easy to tune out! 

Bookshelf: Click here

Lights: Click here

Kindle: Click here

TBR/Table Area

I don’t know what to call this area, but it really pulls it together. I have my TBR crate on the floor near my reading chair, so when I finish a book, I can easily grab a new book! I am looking at getting a TBR cart, but due to quarantine, that’s on hold. Right now, I have a pile of books sitting out of the crate, because it’s my goal to finish them while in quarantine. On the wall, I have some beautiful items I have gotten from Owlcrate. Everything from them is so beautiful, and all most all of my bookish goodies are from them. I also have my table in this little area. I keep chargers, extra cords, lotion, a notebook, pens, and other random little things in my table. I love turning off the lights on my room and cuddling up in my chair and using my lamp for light. It’s beyond cozy, and I can read for hours like that! I also suggest getting a little table to keep snacks, chargers, or anything you may need for reading. It’s incredible what a table and lamp can do!

Table: Click Here

Lamp: Click here

TBR Cart: Click here

Book Crate: Click here

Table Top

I love my tabletop! On it, I have my Bible, my reading planner, the current book(s) I’m reading, my journal for workouts, and post ideas lined up. Of course, my water bottle, it pretty much goes everywhere with me. It’s the best! I have a candle on it at all times, as well as my chapstick. I currently have a pair of headphones there as well, but those drift between the tabletop, my laptop bag, to the drawer. I have a second candle being used as a bookend, but it will soon be a plant! If you have any suggestions on what plant I should grow, let me know! My room is in the basement so there’s not a lot of light which could be a problem.

Reading Planner: Click here

Chap Stick: Click here

Salt to Sea: Click here

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