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My Favorite Apps that Better The Reading Experience

Reading is so much fun, but let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s hard to focus and keep track of your books. I have created the best reading apps that I use almost a daily basis that helps me reach my reading goal! So get in your reading nook, light a candle, and use these apps to read your book quicker!


This app is fantastic! The app pretty much locks you out of all other apps for a time so you can focus on what needs to be done. You can set a time, and a plant grows while your phone is counting down. If you change your screen, the plant dies. When you unlock your phone, your plant will tell you to leave it alone and not to mess with it. It will also bring you back to the app when you try to get into another app. You can also sort your plants to what they were counting down for, whether it is for reading, work, school, etc. You can end the time early, but your plant will die. There is a premium version that will keep track of your grown trees will plant a tree for every tree you grow entirely. This app is available on IOS ($1.99) and and free on Android.

Ambient Mixer

I don’t know about you, but I like to have background music going while I am reading. I know Spotify has some reading playlist, but they just don’t do it for me. Ambient isn’t music, but it’s user created background noise. It has a wide variety of sounds. If you want a thunderstorm, sit in the Gryffindor common room, or sit next to Dean while he is sleeping, this app has it all. There is a free version and a premium plan on this app and is totally worth it. You can also customize the sound you choose, which is pretty cool! I love this because I can really set myself in the world I am reading in, and I really just feel like I am living the story. This is free for IOS, Andriod. and for desktop.


I feel like everyone knows of this app, but it’s such a useful app! You can look at reviews, enter giveaways, keep track of your books, join discussions, and so much more! Goodreads is a highly recommended app among books users and one probably the best known book app out there! It’s the best way to keep up with the bookish community and your favorite authors! I use Goodreads every single day. It really helps me keep track of my reviews and what I’ve read. This app is available and free on desktop, IOS, and Andriod.


I love using fandom! If I am having trouble picturing what a character looks like, I will often look up the book on here and look at the fan art picture of them! It’s also useful for keeping family and relationships straight. Since it’s content is fan made, it is lacking in some things, but I still love it! It’s also good for TV and movies, and it gives you updates on all your favorite shows! It’s a portal into the world of all of your favorite things! This is free on Android, IOS, and desktop.


I don’t use this app, but bookly is becoming a popular app among readers. You can keep track of books you’ve read, as well as help make reading into a habit. It’s pretty cool because you can keep track of how long you have been reading and how much time total it was taken you to read the book. You can set reading goals, and get all kinds of reading information on your reading habits on this app! That’s just the free version! If you decide to get Bookly Pro, you can get a reading assistant! This app sounds impressive! This app is available on IOS and Andriod.

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