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Rating Beautiful Book Covers

Never judge a book by it’s cover say, but that is exactly what we will be doing today. If we are all honest, we have bought a book because of the cover. We love them, we love to read them, and we love to take pictures of them. Today, we will be rating beautiful book covers. The scale will be 1 to 10, with 10 being the best. So let’s get Rating!

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Spin the Dawn Rating: 8

This cover is so beautiful! I love how it ties into the book and the color scheme is to die for! When you look at one part of this cover you can’t help but look at all the other parts of it! To buy this book click here.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Rating: 6

It’s such a plain cover, but it’s so pretty. You can really tell how grand Evelyn was, but you can also see that she is hiding something. To buy this book, click here.

All The Stars and Teeth Rating: 10

Seriously, this is the most beautiful cover! There are so many beautiful aspects to this cover! Every aspect of this book is incorporated into the cover, from chapter one to the end of the book! Every time I look at this cover I see something new! To buy this book, click here. To read my full review on this check out the All The Stars and Teeth post by clicking here!

Wicked Saints Rating: 8

The detail on this cover are so beautiful! I love how you can see every window and crevasse on the castle. It encompasses everything about this series! I can’t get over the detailing on this cover. i am obsessed with it! To buy the book click here! If you would like to read my review of Wicked Saints, click here.

Gods of Jade and Shadow Rating: 10

I think about this cover a lot, I wish I owned it! I saw this book a while ago and I still want it! Yes, this is based on the cover, but hey a girl can want. I love the design and the colors and everything about it! To get this book click here.

House of Salt and Sorrow Rating: 9

While this book is a little spooky, the cover reminds me of summer and the beach! The texture and detail in this is so beautiful! The lettering is just the icing on top that makes this book even more beautiful! If you want to buy this book, click here. If you would like to read my review House of Salt and Sorrow, click here.

The Hazel Wood Rating: 8.5

This is such a pretty cover! I love the greens so much! The detail on it is so pretty! I love the bird flying from the cage and the house with the woods! It makes me want to pick it up and read!There is so much going on on the cover

Ash Princess Rating: 6

This cover is beautiful in picture, but even more beautiful in person! I can’t the purples, and the burning crown, it’s amazing! I love how the ash is taking up some of the space on the book and it just keeps getting darker! If you would like to get a cop of Ash Princess, click here. If you would like to read my whole review of Ash Princess, click here.

Thank you guys for reading Rating Beautiful Book Covers! Let me know what books you would be you put on the list? Let me know down below!

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