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This is Where it Ends | Book Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp is a beautiful and tragic book that follows four teens as they experience a school shooting. This book tackles a serious issue that many people all over the world are dealing with. Nijkamp Did an excellent job of creating a world of tragedy without being very graphic. I love the backstories and the complexities of the storylines. This is Where it Ends is perfect for anyone who needs a book that makes them feel something. 

Trigger Warning : School shooting


This is Where it Ends is written in a way that you can quickly finish it in a couple hours! It’s so captivating, and I needed to know what happened! The chapters are so short, which helps you read the book quicker, and it really helped keep my attention! As serious and sad as the book was, it was a fun read! The ending of the book was so precious and actually made my eyes water. I love that it isn’t too heavy but still tackled significant issues.


While I did enjoy this book, it was missing so much! I didn’t really connect with any of the characters. This caused me to not really feel any real emotions when people died. I was expecting to feel more when I was reading this book, but I didn’t really have too many feelings. The whole situation seemed to have been solved pretty quickly. I mean, two teen boys broke into the gym sneak almost all the teachers and students out. I feel like distracted or not, you would hear them or see them leave out of the corner of your eye.

Final Thoughts

This is Where it Ends was missing some things, but I would still suggest it! It is captivating and will help you be put in the mindset of people who go through these events. This book gave me the feels in the epilogue but didn’t give me anything throughout most of the book.