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The Kingdom of Back | Marie Lu

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu is such an adventure! It’s full of magic, and music, twist, and a sibling relationship. It’s gripping and beautiful! It’s so different than anything else Marie Lu has written! It was a little bit of Bridge to Terabithia and Narnia, and it was beautiful! I highly recommend reading the author’s note in the back, it actually made the entire book for me! 


I love this story of Mozart, the other Mozart. She is pretty relatable, and I feel for her so much! In this time period, women weren’t able to do the things we can today, so watching her struggle, and her brother helping her! Nannerl is probably ever girl at some point in their life. Wanting to escape, having crushes, dreaming of a world of magic, and being protective over her little brother. I love that this book is centered around siblings and their relationship. This book was so cute! Not to mention the cover is to die for! One of the best covers I’ve seen!


This was such a fun and exciting read! The magic and the world of Back is so beautiful! The Kingdom of Back was such a quick read! I read it in about three days, and I really enjoyed the book! It comes full circle, and I really love the way that it happens. I can’t wait for you to see if and if you know what I’m talking about comment down below! This story will forever, by the way, I that Mozart in my head. There is a slight, very cute romance that I was really rooting for, as well as illnesses that swept the world. There is so much hope and love and twist in this book I honestly had no idea where ti was going to go honestly. 


While the book was a pretty quick read, there were a few slow spots. I feel like the books were just at a standstill, and nothing was moving forward. There also wasn’t a lot of world building when it came to the kingdom of Back. We got a few details, but not enough to feel all of the magic and of the world. This is not Marie Lu’s usual type of book, but it is incredible!

I was never one for books that focused on music, but this really grabbed my attention. I can’t believe I almost passed this book up! I am very please with The Kingdom of Back and Marie Lu! This book made me upset I never learned an instrument! Music lovers will love this book! Make sure you check out my cozy corner and my favorite reading apps to have the best reading experience!

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