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Not Another Sarah Halls | A Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Not Another Sarah Halls by Haley Newlin was a great spook for the summertime! It reminded me off a good October Lifetime movie, but better! Haley’s debut novel is good, even if you don’t like scary things! There are a few parts that did creep me out, but for the most part, it was pretty tame! I loved the different aspects of the book, and since I don’t read to many books in this genre, I really had no idea how it was going to end! 

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I thoroughly enjoyed Not Another Sarah Halls! The characters really came off and were pretty relatable. I loved that it had this friendship focus. For a lot of people, I think they can feel what is happening between Autumn and Becca. I mean, I have a friend that I’ve had forever, and we run in different circles, and do different things, but we are still best friends! So I really love that aspect, it reminds me of my best friend so dang much! 

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This was a great debut novel! There were so many details in the book that I could really see everything! Not Another Sarah Halls was such a quick read, and I really needed more of Autumn! I loved her story and everything she could see! If I ever went missing, I would want it to be her town, so I know someone would remember me! I also liked that I really didn’t know what direction the book was going to go. I was reading it so quickly that my eyes were going faster than my brain! I had to go back and reread things, and I’m sure I messed a couple things, but that’s okay because this is a book that I will read again for sure! 

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I don’t really have too many complaints about his book! There were sentences at the beginning that felt weird, but you can really see the growth of the writing as the book went on. When reading Becca’s POV and the flashbacks, I felt like there were a few things that just didn’t really add to the story that much. It kind of fell a little flat to me, I did enjoy it more towards the end, but I feel like those points just moved a little slower than the rest of the book.

I highly recommend this book! It was go good and I am so excited to what she has coming next!

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