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Review: Fate A Winx Saga

I’m doing something a little different today. Instead of reviewing a book, I want to review a new Netflix show! I watched Winx growing up, and I still love the cartoon so much! The show was so magical, fun, and everything a little girl could want! When I saw that Netflix was making live action episodes, I honestly was excited and scared that they would ruin the masterpiece I grew up on. I actually forgot that it was coming out so soon, so when I saw it on Netflix, I couldn’t click any faster!

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First off, the original storyline is not there. I knew this was going to happen, but I still really wanted it. Tecna does not exist, and they changed Musa’s power. I get why they changed Musa’s power. Having rhythm and tune as power would be a little challenging to put in live action, but I still would have loved to see Tecna. I think Tecna would strive in our world of technology. The show also had Stella come off as a stuck up princess who didn’t get along with girls. This really struck a nerve because she is the one that brings Bloom to the school. The show includes Flora, but her name is changed, and she isn’t really like our beloved cartoon babe. We are also missing half of our boys, the witches, they all go to the same school, the beautiful fairy outfits, and Kiko. There was no talk about the dragon fire, but I’m still holding on to hope that it’s coming.


It took me a few episodes to get adjusted to the changes, but it was so good! I loved this show so much! The romance is way more complicated, and so are the dark secrets surrounding Bloom. I couldn’t stop watching this show, which is very hard for me! After three episodes, I felt like I was only five minutes in! I enjoyed how the show takes place in a magical world but was still in touch with the mortal world. Our beloved cartoon was taken in a new direction, and as much as I missed the bright colors and the witches, I really appreciate the storyline and the quest to find Bloom’s parents.

This show was AMAZING! It’s so different from the original, but done so well. I’m not one that usually to big on movies and TV shows, especially remakes, but I am looking forward to season two! This is a must watch Netflix show!

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