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On the Tips of Her Fingers | Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.
I was sent a free copy of the this book for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Let’s be honest here, life has been pretty cruddy since Covid has entered our lives. We all are searching for something to take our minds off of life, and I have just the thing. On the Tips of Her Fingers by Bibiana Kerpcar is the perfect distraction and will take you back to the fun memories of your favorite childhood stories. Magic, time travel, witches, dragons, and many other concepts from my childhood were wrapped into one beautifully written novel. I am so happy that Bibiana reached out and sent me a copy of her book! 


On the Tips of Her Fingers centers around Adela, a young girl leading a seemingly quiet life, whose mother spins beautiful stories for her at night. A series of strange events lead to Adela being gifted with magical abilities allowing her to escape from her world. We travel with Adela far from home where she begins to unravel a family secret, stumbling as she learns to use her powers, navigating difficult situations and her own complex feelings about growing up, and meeting friends, magical creatures, talking animals, and evil villains along the way.

In a world that can seem complicated, Adela shows the reader the importance of perseverance, courage, and a little bit of magic. On The Tips of Her Fingers is a dark fairytale that will inspire fans of fiction, fairytales, and magical realism to grapple with the concepts of escapism and self-identity in a whole new way.

– Goodreads

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What I Liked…

On The Tips of Her Fingers was so fun! I was in a reading rut when I received a copy of this book, but it became hard to put down! I really got attached to the characters as I got to know each of them. Bibiana did such a fantastic job in creating these characters and how they all intertwined with each other. I love our beautifully written this book was. There are so many sentences that suck out to me because of how impactful they are. They will honestly stick with me for a long time. I enjoy that not only did this book have all my favorite things from when I was little, but it was personal to the author. It was inspired by Slovak folk tales, which is so interesting to me! I love getting to know about other cultures, and this book makes me want to look into more.

…What I Didn’t Like…

I don’t really have too many complaints about this book. I wish it were longer to experience the world more, but I really enjoyed it. It took me a second to wrap my head around traveling, but that is probably just a me thing since I was trying to get out of a reading rut when I started the book.

…In The End

I really enjoyed On The Tips of Her Fingers. It was a great opening book for 2021, the rest of the books have a tough act to follow! I highly suggest reading this book in general, but especially if you want to feel like a kid again. It’s the perfect escape from our world and to just have a good time!

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