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Crimson Time | Book Talk

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I don’t want to give this book a rating because I know Emily, and I know it will be a little bias. I still want to chat about the book because it is a good book, and I think there are many people out there that will like it. Crimson Time is exciting and will take you back in time and go on a crazy adventure! I remember meeting Emily back in our college bathroom and listening to her talk about how she wants to be an author. I remember her letting me read her binder of stories and things she wrote in high school. I love watching her dream come true; I am so far beyond proud of you Em! Let’s do this, hopefully with out any spoilers.

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The past, lies, and a pair of earrings may not be the only barriers between Adelaide Anson and the truth about her parents’ deaths.

Adelaide still can’t shake the feeling that the fire wasn’t an accident. No one else seems to believe there may be more to the story; that is until a mysterious letter shows up confirming Adelaide’s suspicions. Lured by the promise of answers, Adelaide follows the letter and finds herself thrust into the world of the Red Rose Society, a secret order composed of the descendants of historical figures. If Adelaide wants to get into the Red Rose Society and gain the answers she seeks, she’ll have to survive a trip to the past and outwit the other initiates before the clock runs down.

Crimson Time is the first book in an exciting YA fiction series that combines elements of history and time travel to tell the stories of women in the past. Young adults, as well as the young at heart, will be swept up in the past and carried into a world of secrets and lies.

This was such a unique book! I loved the concept of this book so much! There is time travel, secret societies, so many secrets, and adventure! This book takes you on an adventure that many of us would never even think of. We have feminist movements and the story of friendships all in one book! One thing I love about this book is how much research was put into it. Crimson Time is rich in history, which is my favorite subject! I also really enjoyed that Emily put so much of herself in the book. From her favorite shows to her favorite historical characters. This book was so good! 

Read my interview with Emily!

If you like historical fiction, you need to read this book! This such a really good debut book and I am so excited to see Emily grow and read book 2!

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