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Take Your Turn Teddy | Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love Haley Newlin. She captured with her first book, and her second book was chef’s kiss. Take Your Turn Teddy is a spooky book that will give you the fall time feel in the middle of winter! Haley Newlin outdid herself in her second novel. I was in the middle of getting out of a reading rut when I picked up this book, and it pulled me right out of it. I started reading this book, and I couldn’t stop! Take Your Turn Teddy will always haunt me because of the mental aspect of the book. As a person who feels alone most of the time, this book really hit the mark for me. 


No one knows your darkness like your own Shadow.

Nothing has been normal for Teddy, not since discovering the harsh identity of the monster he had been living with his whole life—his own father. Teddy and his mother leave that behind to start over in a small Indiana township. But as Teddy begins to learn of humanity’s monsters, he unveils an otherworldly evil he calls “The Shadow.” The Shadow tests Teddy’s vulnerability and growing sense of isolation, poisoning his mind and conjuring a vile killer-in-the-making.

A year later, Officer Leonard Strode is called in to offer consultation on a case similar to the most brutal and scarring of those he’s worked on before. One is the case of Jackie Warren, the other, Theodore “Teddy” Blackwood — two missing children. As he and two other officers follow the trail of clues, Strode is haunted by the ghosts of his own past and is horrified to find them wreaking havoc on his present.

When both Teddy and Strode finally meet face-to-face, they must confront their inner darkness as well or else be consumed by it.

– Goodreads

What I Liked…

From page, one Take Your Turn Teddy had me hooked. Teddy is a pretty relatable character. He is a young kid who grew up quickly. He also feels alone, which I know I can relate to, especially with Covid. I really enjoyed the shadow creature that attaches itself to Teddy. The shadow was was really creepy, but many people would have fallen into its trap. We also had a girl from the dead make an appearance, and honestly, she was creepy. I also really enjoyed reading from the police perspective and watching the two characters interact with each other. Also, the ending, I absolutely love it, and it made me a little bit sad.

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…What I Didn’t Like…

I would have loved for Take Your Turn Teddy to be longer! Maybe a little more of Teddy’s parents or Teddy and shadow after they left the house. I’m just a person who likes backstories, so I would have loved getting more information about the family who lived there previously. The book was beautiful without the extra details, but it could have been with the extra little parts. Either way, this book was excellent! 

…In The End.

This book is worth it. I highly suggest reading it if you want some more spook in your life! Take Your Turn Teddy will have you hooked from the first page. Haley’s books keep getting better, and I can’t wait to see what she does next! 

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