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Harry Potter | Bookish Sims

I’m back with some more bookish sims! I made the Harry Potter gang and I love the way they turned out! There area few things that are off, but I think they are pretty similar! If you would like to download them, you can find me in the sims gallery at jessdrucker! Be sure you download all of the CC below! I also included and AMAZING Hogwarts castle down below that you can download from the gallery! Please let me know if there is anything I didn’t link!

I also wanted to include these two CC Packs that makes the game extra magical! The First is the Pufferehad ModPack which is pretty much just a Harry Potter fan pack and you can take a test to see what house your sims would be! It’s a really cool pack! The second pack is Witches and Warlocks ModPack it was some cool magical things and will give your sims awesome powers!

Pufferhead sims pack:

Witches and Warlocks pack:

Hermione Ganger

Hermione pink sweater (not pictured):


Hermione Granger sweatshirt:

Hermione Granger eyes:

winter jacket “Teddy Jacket”:

Hermione Gown:

Hogwarts Uniform:

Check out my first bookish sim, Tessa Gray by clicking here!

Hermione Granger hair:

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley

Quiddich Sweaters:

Harry Potter skin:

school uniform top:

Harry Potter eyes:

mens uniform pants (part of CC pack):

Hogwarts Castle (Hogwarts (CC Free)

Created by slh27

decorations I plan on using to make it extra magical:

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