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Making Bookish Sims | Tessa Gray

We all love reading, but I also really enjoy playing sims! Sims is a great way to live out the lives of all my favorite characters! I feel like there are not enough bookish sims out there, so here I am! The first ever bookish sim I am going to attempt is Tessa Gray fromĀ Clockwork Princess! I’ve actually never read this series, so I based this off a lot of fan art, so I hope I did Tessa justice! Finding clothes and accessories for her was a little tricky, but I think I managed to do it! I linked the CC down below! Let me know who else I should make! If you would like to download Tessa from the sims gallery my username is jessdrucker.

I own all of the packs. Please let me see if the is a CC outfit that I have not listed below and I will add it!

pink dress:

dress not pictured:

Victorian inspired bustle dress with bow:

Boho dress:



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