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Rating: 3 out of 5.
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The Betrothed was one of the most anticipated books this year and maybe one of the most disappointing. The Betrothed was good up until the end. The Section was one of my all favorite time series, and I was so excited to get another fairytale book from Kiera Cass. I’m sad that it didn’t really hold up to my expectations. I wanted so much more for the characters and the story. 

Edit: I wrote this right after finishing the book, please enjoy my rant.

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Spoilers Below!


First, I want to address the love triangle. I usually like love triangles, but this was awful. Jameson and Hollis were a good couple and had way more chemistry than her and Silas. I thought he was going to turn on her throughout the story, and I didn’t believe that he actually liked her. Also, I feel like she only knew him for a couple of weeks and hardly talked to him before she decided she loved him and wanted to run away with him. I feel like she was overwhelmed with everything and just decided to leave for an easier life. She also let the wife of an old, over controlling king get inside of her head. I don’t think that Jameson would have treated her that way. Yes, he did sign away their child and said that they were his, but she could have talked to him about it! She did not communicate anything with him! Honestly, I don’t even feel bad that Silas died on her wedding day, that’s karma. I won’t lie, I skipped over the wedding because I didn’t support it, he could have done better. Then she follows his mother and sister to the rival country. I see book two now. Her running away from the Dark Knights and the evil king getting ahold of her, and she might even get back with Jameson.

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Other than that, the only other thing that was bothersome to me was that it was slow. I felt like nothing was happening. Jameson fell in love with Hollis, and Hollis had to take on queenly duties without being queen. We got a little bit of drama with her best friend, but it was like a page, and that was the end of it. The rest of the “drama” was just the evil king being rude and his queen slowly revealing how evil he was.

Should you read it?

If you loved The Selection, I would say read it. Some things are good and feel similar, but be aware that many things suck, and it’s a little slow moving. I will still read book two in hopes that it will be better, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.